Our mission is to better the lives
of the developmentally disabled.
Serving the state of Oklahoma with operations in Okarche, El Reno, Kingfisher and Yukon

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CFL Geriatric Center
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In 1981 the Center of Family Love opened its doors and extended a hand to adults with developmental disabilities. For decades people suffering from mental retardation did indeed suffer. Many were never given a chance to realize their full potential vocationally as well as personally.

The Center of Family Love strives to guide, nurture and teach those with developmental disabilities within a family style community. Residents not only interact with their neighbors, but with staff members. Trips outside of the CFL community allow residents to interact with others in the community. It is interaction such as this that helps people with developmental disabilities achieve the greatest goal of all --- acceptance.

Our mission is to provide a structured lifestyle along with a stable and loving environment for adults with developmental disabilities. Through active treatment and vocational training, we encourage all individuals to work to their fullest potential to achieve their highest level of self worth and independence.

Vocational training is encouraged at CFL Enterprises, the CFL Gourmet Coffee Shop, the CFL Thrift Shop, as well as at the CFL Sheltered Workshops. If you would like to visit these businesses and see the CFL community members in action....click here.

Another form of interaction that shows wonderful therapeutic results is hands-on work at the CFL Greenhouse. At the Kristy Wittrock Memorial Horticulture Center botanicals are grown from seedlings and cuttings by community residents and then sold to the public, both wholesale and retail.

Residents who can demonstrate an aptitude of independence can become integrated with society through the CFL Group Homes. Residents at the CFL Group Homes are provided employment services, 24 hour supervision, and a "family style living environment."
The demand for this type of independent life style far out weighs the supply. For questions about group home services and admissions please call Rhonda Hardin at: (405) 263-4658.

The aging of America's population requires additional services to meet these demographic needs. And, as with the general populous, the age category of those with developmental disabilities will also increase..... that's where the CFL Geriatric Center has answered the call. The CFL Geriatric Center was built to meet the specific needs of seniors will developmental disabilities. The center provides residential style living thereby lessening the trauma often associated with home relocation. The center is NOWOPEN!!! .... click here to visit

The CFL programs, so helpful to the individuals we serve, need your help. Private contributions play a major role in funding the daily operations for the CFL family, as well as supplementing the many medical needs of our community residents. Memorials can be made, and donations can be given to honor a special person. For more information on giving, contact Rhonda Hardin, at (405) 263-4658 or by e-mail rhardin@cflinc.org.

For more information and/or questions about the Center of Family Love contact Jim O'Brien, Executive Director at (405) 263-4658 or by e-mail jobrien@cflinc.org.

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